Grandparents Day

Grandparents day is September 10. What do you give to someone who’s most likely downsizing after years and years of collecting? Why, a book designed specifically for Grandmas, of course. What’s a Grandma To Do, 20 Fun Things to do With Young Grandchildren was written from my most enjoyable experiences with my own grandchildren.

Anyone can play Legos with the kids. Let’s get more creative than that. How about Mystery Pictures, It’s Purple Day, Sign Language, Nature Walk, and more. Each of these 20 ideas are without cost, without reservations, and without a doubt great fun.

This soft cover book can be ordered here on A soft cover, hard cover, or Kindle Edition can also be ordered on

The book is also available in Johnstown at the Community Arts Center, the Christian Book Store, and the Church Mouse Emporium.