For Such a Time as This

A number of years ago, I was in the hospital recovering from surgery and walking around for exercise when there seemed to be quite a commotion down the hall. I ventured closer and saw an elderly patient in isolation wildly waving her arm. “She’s deaf and mute,” the nurse explained. “We have no idea what she wants or needs, and we don’t know what to do.”

As it happens, I had taken a short course in American Sign Language and thought I could possibly help. I went into the room. The nurses seemed too distracted to notice that I was not wearing protective clothing for an isolation room. The woman looked at me with desperation in her eyes, and continued to wave her arm. Then it struck me, if she toned that down, isn’t that the sign for singing?

The only song I could think of that was simple enough for my limited ability was Jesus Loves Me. So I began to sign that, mouthing the words along with the motions. Immediately she lay back on the pillow, relaxed and smiling. A few hours later she lay in the arms of Jesus.

I thought of Esther in the Bible. Mordecai had asked her to speak for the people, but, knowing that coming into the king’s presence unbidden could mean certain death, she was reluctant. Mordecai challenged her further, and then said, “Who knows whether you are come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

We don’t always like the position we are in, but who knows whether we’re there for such a time as this?

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Does God have a purpose for the position I’m in?

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