Christmas Lives On

We’re coming to the end of January, when few people are still enjoying the decorations that have brightened their homes for many weeks. Not one to go with the flow, I’m wth those few. The bright star, the little red Christmas tree, the Christmas cards taped to a wall, there’s all still there. But not by plan this year. It’s the gifts.

Every fall I look for universal gifts that would please all of the young boys and girls in the family–a formidable challenge. The boys were an easy plan. The eleven grand- and great-granddaughters?  It wasn’t until December 6 that inspiration struck. What girl wouldn’t want a mermaid blanket—a wrap to snuggle in with a huge fan tail? After learning the kids’ favorite colors, I ordered them, three to be drop-shipped to Tennessee.

Two days later, I received the confirmation statement and found they were shipping only two to Tennessee, and in the wrong colors. The other order was also a mishmash of errors. Quickly I got back to them, cancelled those orders, and returned to the Website to reorder. Detail by detail, I carefully made out the order. What could possibly go wrong now? Then there is Murphy’s Law.

Suddenly the prices were half again higher, not to mention that the shipping had been uncomfortably close to the blankets’ cost.  I emailed the company questioning this. And the days wore on. They never replied, but a week later, the prices were back to normal. I ordered once more, and a week after that received notice that they were shipped. But where were these coming from and how long might it take to reach here?

Christmas came. Christmas went, and finally, in mid January they arrived. I could easily have bushed all of this aside, telling myself I learned a lesson and would next year get on it earlier.  Then, remember Murphy’s Law? One blanket was missing.

It’s late January now, and that last one has not yet arrived. I can’t take down the Christmas decorations when the season is still hanging by its thumbs awaiting that last piece, can I?

In my young days, I asked the Lord to give me patience. I had no idea that it would be a life-long process, and I want to say, I get it now, God. But this small matter, as everything else in my life, is in His hands. We wait and trust and accept. May I have this peace when the dark days come, too. Meanwhile, the decorations that say JOY are still here for my pleasure.

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