Happy New Year


I love New Year’s Day! I love the symbolic blank slate that says all things are beginning anew. For the first half of my life, I disdained New Year’s resolutions. Maybe I simply wasn’t into traditions. Or Maybe I was too naive to realize how much I needed to change. Theoretically, of course, each day is new and can be an opportunity for growth. But there’s something more definitive about January 1st.

Of late, I look on New Year’s Day as a time to seek the fruit-of-the-spirit goals that in my youth I believed would drop upon me as the rain from heaven. When I sought patience, though, life became a long waiting game. Endeavoring to become a more loving person, I was confronted by hate around me.

But year by year, I understand more the gifts God desires to anoint me with, and I am challenged again to open my heart and mind to be filled.

May the old be left behind now and may the Lord bless us all with a new year of joy and love.

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