Happy New Year


I love New Year’s Day! I love the symbolic blank slate that says all things are beginning anew. For the first half of my life, I disdained New Year’s resolutions. Maybe I simply wasn’t into traditions. Or Maybe I was too naive to realize how much I needed to change. Theoretically, of course, each day is new and can be an opportunity for growth. But there’s something more definitive about January 1st.

Of late, I look on New Year’s Day as a time to seek the fruit-of-the-spirit goals that in my youth I believed would drop upon me as the rain from heaven. When I sought patience, though, life became a long waiting game. Endeavoring to become a more loving person, I was confronted by hate around me.

But year by year, I understand more the gifts God desires to anoint me with, and I am challenged again to open my heart and mind to be filled.

May the old be left behind now and may the Lord bless us all with a new year of joy and love.



With a mere week before Christmas day, Ray and I scamper around organizing gifts for our 19 grand and great-grandchildren. Some gifts are bought, some ordered, and some still only good intentions. We’ll spend the coming week and maybe the week after that wrapping and watching the unwrapping, looking for reactions that say we made good choices.

This year, our decorating is minimal. In the past, every room in the house said Christmas in bows and trees and sparkles. It’s so much fun! And it’s so much work! Sometimes, though, minimal has more to say.

The things that were taken out of convenient boxes now shine, being so few. By day, the toys surrounding the mantle speak joy, as the letters do. By night, the large star in the window proclaims to the world that we remember the birth of Jesus, announced by angels and a brilliant star.

This is what we want to speak of in our decorating, the wonderful gift of God, His Son, coming to earth to bring us joy and salvation. My Christmas wish is that you will open your heart and let God’s gift bring this hope to you.