The Birth of a Book


Many years ago, I’d made a solo trip to Tennessee by Greyhound bus to visit my son Jim’s family. It took 16 hours to get there, and 26 hours to return, having detoured to Chicago. I had spent three weeks in my very young grandchildren’s home, being part of the family day by day. Leaving was sad, knowing it would be another half year before we were together again, but there was one big difference this time. I had a plan. I would write a book.

Once before I’d spent much of the return trip writing a cookbook. I’m by no means a great cook, and this had nothing to do with the visit. It just popped into my head after the goodbyes. I would write a book containing Polish recipes, which of course my Polish friends would gladly share with me. And it would include Polish festivals, weddings, holiday events.

Throughout the traveling hours, the book was fleshed out, including a plan to later go to a bookstore to see which publishers were likely to accept my ingenious work. Oh, I was so organized! This was, without a doubt, a winner. But when I checked it out later, there on the bookstore’s shelf, was the identical book. Let’s scrap that idea.

This trip, though, I had 26 hours to revisit the idea of writing a book. My mind was still churning around some of the events with the grandchildren. Jim had often set me up with the youngsters, encouraging interaction and activity. It brought out my creative streak, and in afterthought gave new purpose for those boring travel hours.

Ten years later, I tripped across those notes. Having stood the test of time, it still beckoned me to continue. And that, my friend, is where I’ve been for the past year, living, breathing, planning, writing, rewriting. In addition, my granddaughter, Jaime, a skilled artist, drew all of my grand- and great-grandchildren into the mix, illustrating each activity.


Today I’m pleased to announce the publication of our book, WHAT’S A GRANDMA TO DO? 20 Fun Things to do With Young Grandchildren. To order, click on tab at top of page.

2 thoughts on “The Birth of a Book

  1. I just read “What’s a grandma to do”. I find this book to be filled with loving relationships as well as encouragement for developing and challenging young minds and building happy life long memories. Well worth reading and applying!


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